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Corporate Outings

You may have already viewed the facilities and the amenities that River Ridge Inn offers. What you have not seen, is how all of what River Ridge Inn has to offer can be used to help corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations enhance their relationships with their most important clients or internal staff. Some of our corporate guests come four or five times a year. Why? Because it is productive in the sense that new or established relationships are cultivated, renewed, or enhanced. We see River Ridge Inn as the glue that cements these relationships. We feel a part of the team. It is our function to orchestrate the activities and services around your schedule.

Special corporate and business packages are arranged and agreed upon. Packages that will capture the interest and expectations of every person that is invited. The meeting facilities at the Inn will ideally accommodate 10 to 18 persons. Our experience tells us that our services are maximized with this number of all-inclusive guests. We can accommodate less and we have accommodated more.

Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright

What Is Included

  • Transportation from the airports
  • Accommodations in our spacious lodge, exquisite cottages or chalets
  • Meals of the finest cuisine
  • Assorted beverages (alcoholic beverages can be arranged.)
  • Professional guided fishing trips
  • Fly fishing instructions
  • Gratuities
  • Licensing
  • Taxes
  • Special Requests.

*All-inclusive outings at River Ridge Inn mean just that. Everything is included.
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